Baby RnR is here, but there’s also another baby in the RnR Team, so we talk today about what you need to know to keep these little humans alive (which as you’ll hear… isn’t so easy 😅). There’s also talk about digestive biscuits, getting punched in the face with poos, dogs that fart and lots more! Lots of RnR vocab, but in the meantime, just keep on ROCKin’, baby! 👊

The RnR Vocabulary that you will learn in this episode:

  • This is going to be a joyous podcast
  • They didn’t mention that to us here, but I just took the initiative
  • Then I can just munch on them
  • Just plain digestive biscuits?
  • I thought… I’m gonna push the boat out and buy these Digestives
  • Paper cut painful
  • As it happens, it is quite painful, isn’t it?
  • The main event is excoriating
  • And then there is the aftermath
  • You then need to go to the delivery room
  • I was adamant we’d never have children again
  • It’s just as painful second time round
  • Well well done, you got through it
  • Who looks after your dog when you go into labour
  • The baby was 2 weeks past its due date
  • They were very stingy with water
  • The grapes and Haribo that I’d brought weren’t cutting it for him
  • He wanted a sandwich from the deli
  • He managed to get the sandwich he so desperately craved
  • Luckily Mrs RnR was on hand to save the day
  • The willy goes up and the pee sprouts out like a fountain

RnR Grammar

In today’s episode CF Charlie said “I was adamant we’d never have children again”, notice that the ‘d in “we’d” is ‘would’ and this is the ‘future in the past’. Think of it like this.. in 2017, when CF Charlie had her first baby, she said “we will never have children again”, but as she’s talking about this now (in 2021), the ‘will’ becomes ‘would’ and THAT is the future in the past baby!

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