November 13, 2017

Episode 66 – World Kindness Day 👐

Today is a SPECIAL day 😁 And not just because you can listen to Dan the Man do the intro and outro (speaking like a ROBOT 🤖) but for LOTS of other reasons too! There is talk of DOOR holding 🚪, BLOOD boiling 💉, duck's ARSES 🦆 and much much more! 👊 Just keeeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! 💣💣💣
November 6, 2017

Episode 65 – Bonfire Night 🔥🔥🔥

'Remember remember the 5th November' we say in English... but why?! 🤔 Listen to today's show and find out! 😀 PLUS... we talk about BABY NAMES for Dan the Man 👶, watching PORNOS with your Nan 😲, confusion about QUEEN names 👑 aaaaand there is a ⚠️ SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ⚠️! Not to mention the RnR Vocabulary and Grammar.... you could describe this episode as ON FIRE baby! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
October 30, 2017

Episode 64 – Halloween Special 🎃

Do you want to hear a terrible explanation of the history of HALLOWEEN? 👻 Well you've come to the right place! 😈 In addition, there is talk about STABBING 🗡️, Michael Jackson 🕺, animals on heads 🤔 and so much RnR vocabulary it's scary! 😨 Just try to stay calm and just try to keep on ROCKIN' baby 👊
October 23, 2017

Episode 63 – Awesome Autumn 🍂

Nothing else to talk about? Well let's talk about autumn then! 😀 Talk of SPERM competitions 😲, GETTING IT ON 💑, TAPPING tables 👊 and lots more! Obviously LOADS of RnR vocabulary. Obviously LOADS of RnR grammar. Obviously LOADS of ROCKin'! 💣💣💣