Episode 58 – Why do people always say “I’m busy”? ?

Episode 57 – Happy Birthday Dan the Man! ?
September 7, 2017
Episode 59 – An Exhausting Weekend Together ?
September 24, 2017
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Episode 58 – Why do people always say “I’m busy”? ?

LISTEN to the podcast. READ the RnR Grammar. DO the quiz and…. ROCK ON!

“I’m sorry, I can’t… I’m so busy!” Does this sound familiar? ? Find out WHY people (like Dan the Man) say this when they are NOT busy… PLUS there is talk of PENNIES DROPPING ?, ageing PEARS ?, SCHOOL days ? and lots more – some SERIOUS SEXY idioms and RnR vocab….

  • “I feel strange now that you’re 33 and I’m still only 32” “Yea but you’re ageing like a pear
  • I can’t do the podcast later today, as I’ve got a lot on
  • We had agree to do the podcast at 10.30 but then you welshed
  • “Ah so ‘welsh’ means when you say you will do something and then you don’t do it” “The penny has dropped
  • Saying you’re busy all the time can sabotage your relationships and career
  • Look, just because you went out and got pissed, that doesn’t mean I should change my plans
  • If you work in the summer, you’re considered a bit of a loser
  • When people say they are always busy, it is a cry for help
  • Dan lives in France, he doesn’t work, he does fuck all
  • To tell you the truth, I could have squeezed you in at some point

….ROCK. ON. BABY. ✌️

RnR Grammar

Dan the Man used some nice past perfect today, when he said:

“We had agreed to do the podcast at 10.30, then you changed your mind”

We use the past perfect when there are TWO actions in the past (in this example, the actions are ‘agree to do the podcast’ and ‘change your mind‘) and one actions comes BEFORE the other one.

The ‘agreeing to do the podcast’ obviously happened BEFORE the ‘changing mind’ action, so for this reason we use it in the past perfect and say “we HAD agreed to do the podcast” which will often be shortened to “we’d agreed to do the podcast“.


When you have listened to the podcast and read the above, then you’re ready for the quiz below! ?

Good luck!

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  1. Zdenek Lukas says:

    Great episode. Adding some expressions into my mental lexicon. Hoping they will stick but I am a bit sceptical TBH since I have a lot on myself. Absolutely snowed under and it is only bound to get worse. I am always trying to look at the negatives if I can following Martin’s advice.

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