"I can speak English, but I have problems with the listening..."

...well hello my friend and welcome to ROCK n' ROLL ENGLISH.

RnR English is a podcast created by me to resolve your listening problem, here's how:

  • If you DON'T listen to a lot of English, you WON'T improve your listening.
  • If you DO listen to a lot of English, you WILL improve your listening.

Life (...and English) can be so simple sometimes ;)

RnR English will help you because...

  • You can listen on your PHONE (click HERE to find out how), so you can listen EVERYWHERE - like the man in the photo! 😉
  • There are 2 podcasts a week (on Monday and Thursday), this means 20 - 40 minutes LISTENING PRACTICE a week!
  • The episodes are 'EVERGREEN' which means you can listen to all the old ones.
  • You can listen to the show and then read all of the VOCABULARY on the show notes page (see below).

P.S. If you want more info about the podcast and how it can help to improve your English, click here, if not, click on an episode below and start listening NOW!

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September 24, 2017

Episode 59 – An Exhausting Weekend Together ?

Come on a weekend away with Dan the Man and me! ? I can't promise that it'll be fun, but I CAN promise that there will be lots of RnR vocabulary! ? Listen to how Dan made me SICK ?, constant arguing ? and even an exclusive interview with Mrs. Dan the Man! ? Just keep calm and KEEP ON ROCKIN' baby! ✌️
September 14, 2017

Episode 58 – Why do people always say “I’m busy”? ?

"I'm sorry, I can't... I'm so busy!" Does this sound familiar? ? Find out WHY people (like Dan the Man) say this when they are NOT busy... PLUS there is talk of PENNIES DROPPING ?, ageing PEARS ?, SCHOOL days ? and lots more - some SERIOUS SEXY idioms and RnR vocab! ROCK. ON. BABY. ✌️
September 7, 2017

Episode 57 – Happy Birthday Dan the Man! ?

It's a SPECIAL episode for a SPECIAL day today! ? Dan the Man gets a surprise from a couple of members of his family ?‍?, plus there is talk of VOMITING out of car windows ?, letting CATS out of BAGS ?, TERRIBLE presents ? and even some TERRIBLE audio! ? Listen, have fun and just keep on ROCKIN' baby! ✌️
August 31, 2017

Episode 56 – ‘La Dolce Vita’ in Italy with John Peter Sloan ??

'La Dolce Vita' ('The Sweet Life') in Italy is ?, but what would be STRANGE for English people living in Italy? ? Find out in today's show where I am joined by John Peter Sloan to discuss exactly that! ? We discuss KETCHUP and PASTA ?, BREAKING BALLS ?, CRAZY driving ?️ and much more! So just keep CALM and keep on ROCKIN'! ???