"I can speak English, but I have problems with the listening..."

...well hello my friend and welcome to ROCK n' ROLL ENGLISH.

RnR English is a podcast created by me to resolve your listening problem, here's how:

  • If you DON'T listen to a lot of English, you WON'T improve your listening.
  • If you DO listen to a lot of English, you WILL improve your listening.

Life (...and English) can be so simple sometimes ;)

RnR English will help you because...

  • You can listen on your PHONE (click HERE to find out how), so you can listen EVERYWHERE - like the man in the photo! 😉
  • There are 2 podcasts a week (on Monday and Thursday), this means 20 - 40 minutes LISTENING PRACTICE a week!
  • The episodes are 'EVERGREEN' which means you can listen to all the old ones.
  • You can listen to the show and then read all of the VOCABULARY on the show notes page (see below).

P.S. If you want more info about the podcast and how it can help to improve your English, click here, if not, click on an episode below and start listening NOW!

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July 31, 2017

Episode 51 – How to be a WINNER ?

The RnR English Leadership Referendum results are here! ? We will see who is the WINNER and HOW to be a winner! ? Talk about Dan BRIBING people ?, music at FUNERALS ⛪, car CRASHES ? and lots and lots of RnR vocabulary! Just keep calm and keep on ROCKIN' baby! ???
July 27, 2017

Episode 50 – How to be a LEADER ✊

?SPECIAL EPISODE ALERT? Today is episode number 50 ? so we thought we would CELEBRATE ? There is also talk about leaders, FALLING off chairs ?, Jesus ✝️, COMPILING lists ? and lots of other not so interesting things! Not so much RnR grammar today, but LOTS & LOTS of RnR vocab! ? We haven't stopped yet.. so just KEEP ON ROCKIN'! ???
July 24, 2017

Episode 49 – Life is better when you’re LAUGHING ?

In today's podcast we look at the BENEFITS of laughing ?, what makes Dan the Man laugh ?, trains to COCKfosters ?, laughing during SEX ?... PLUS some nice RnR vocab and some sexy 2nd conditional ?.... BOOM shake the ROOM! ???
July 20, 2017

Episode 48 – Why do British people always say SORRY? ?

We are BACK! ✊ And.... we are here to say SORRY! ? But that's not it, we also talk about POOS ?, HORRIBLE London Bus drivers ?, getting ready to RUMBLE ? and many more irrelevant things! ? Lots and LOTS of RnR vocab and grammar, so just keep CALM and keep on ROCKIN'! ???