What is RnR English?

What is Rock n’ Roll English?

Rock n’ Roll English is a PODCAST created by ME to help people learn English (if you don’t know what a podcast is, click here).

This podcast is for YOU if:

  • You have an intermediate level of English or above ✌.
  • You are bored of listening to the normal English podcasts that teach you how to order an ice cream 💤
  • You want to listen to normal people talking about normal things – like Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll 👊

Why is RnR English different to other learning English podcasts?

The podcasts are NOT lessons like “today we are speaking about the Present Perfect”….

…this is how the show works:

  1. I speak to one of my friends (usually Boom Boom Cannon or Clarification Charlie) about a stupid topic like ‘Why Intelligent People Are Single‘ or a current issue in the news like ‘Who Will Win the UK Election?’ or any other normal conversation 2 friends would have in a pub whilst drinking a beer.
  2. I highlight “Rock n’ Roll Vocabulary” which are things like phrasal verbs, idioms etc. that naturally come out in the conversation – then I quickly explain the meaning so that you don’t get lost. This means that you hear the word in CONTEXT.
  3. At the end of the show I do a recap of all of the RnR vocabulary.

So the learning is done NATURALLY!

Listening to RnR English is the same as sitting in a pub and listening to a conversation between 2 native speakers BUT it is better than doing that because:

  1. You will NOT look like a STALKER! 😀
  2. Difficult words are HIGHLIGHTED so that you don’t get lost and understand EVERYTHING that’s being said! 😅
  3. You don’t need to spend money buying a drink as it’s FREE! 🎉

It’s a win win situation! 😉

How can I remember the words after I listen to the podcast?

Good question, here is what you need to do:

  1. LISTEN to the podcast.
  2. COME to this website (www.rocknrollenglish.com) and find the episode you listened to HERE so you can SEE all the words written (still in context!).
  3. READ the RnR Vocabulary and RnR Grammar points.
  4. DO the quiz at the bottom of the page that will help you understand the meaning of the words and remember them.
  5. USE the words as soon as possible when speaking English so that you don’t forget them!

A Guarantee from ME to YOU

  • If you follow this site: You WILL learn new words. You WILL improve your listening skills. You WILL improve your English.
  • If you don’t follow this site: You WON’T learn new words. You WON’T improve your listening skills. You WON’T improve your English.

It’s all very simple. It’s all very Rock n’ Roll 😉

P.S. If you’re asking yourself why it’s called “Rock n’ Roll English” it’s because you will learn Rock n’ Roll Vocabulary and Rock n’ Roll Grammar…. not because I’m Rock n’ Roll! 😬