E142 – What’s the BEST Month of the Year?

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March 30, 2019
E142 – What’s the BEST Month of the Year?
April 1, 2019
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E142 – What’s the BEST Month of the Year?

LISTEN to the podcast. READ the RnR Grammar. LEARN the vocab and…. ROCK ON!

As always, we are tackling the SERIOUS issues here! 😀 We have the OFFICIAL list of the best months ranked in order (according to a very respectable website) and we also talk about cans of WORMS 😖, Christmas socks in March 🧦, Theresa May ruining May 😆 and lots more! So just keep CALM and keep on ROCKin’! 👊

The RnR vocab that you will learn in today’s show:

  • Do you think you can live up to him?
  • I thoroughly enjoyed it (him sending me his name)
  • The research you did on Uganda was maybe not thorough
  • The only saving grace of February is that it’s only 28 days long
  • Then there’s the whole leap year thing
  • Dry January
  • He managed about 6 days before he had to get back on the booze
  • August is overrated
  • Let’s not open that can of worms again (that April starts in March – I made mistake here and said Aril)
  • This is not rigged (putting Nov before Oct)
  • November is bang on mid-table -> ok you can hold your head up high
  • The name May lets it down a bit
  • We’re getting topical
  • I’m going to put my neck on the line and say May is my favourite
  • You can see lots more flesh
  • You are insinuating that (I like women with less clothes)
  • That’s scandalous! (September being 3rd)
  • You might get away with it if it was trees
  • This puts our argument to bed
  • I’ll take it on the chin

RnR Grammar

In today’s show, when we were talking about celebrating St. George’s Day, Boom Boom said:

“It’s a bit Brexity, isn’t it?”

The first thing to say is that the word ‘Brexity’ DOESN’T exist, but what he did was something very COMMON!

When native English speakers speak, they (we) often add a ‘y’ to a noun to make it an adjective. For example, later in the episode Boom Boom said:

“How Christmassy were these socks?”

And that’s exactly the same as the first example! 😉

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