January 20, 2020

183 – An AGEing Podcast 👶🧒🏻👴🏻

Sure, you will probably feel 20 years older after this, but you will also have the pleasure of listening to stories about WETTING the bed 🌊, 10-year-olds muscly bodies 💪, Amazon packages ✨ and LOTS of RnR vocabulary! It's a more relaxed vibe today, but we KEEP on ROCKIN' nonetheless, baby! 👊
January 13, 2020

182 – My Life is a Podcast 🎙️

New Year and New (website) Problems 😅 As well as that I've realised that I don't have a life anymore... just a podcast! 🎙️ Find out what I mean in today's episode where we also talk about Genital Shower Gel 🧼, drinking grappa 🤢, New Year's Eve celebrations 🥂 and LOADS of RnR vocabulary! So it may be a new year, but the only thing we do here is make sure we KEEP ON ROCKIN'! 👊
December 23, 2019

Christmas Time is Football Time ⚽

No RnR vocabulary, no editing, just simply listen to 2 football legends (me and Boom Boom) talk about The Premier League, Arsenal's new manager, being older than footballers and most importantly.... the tea lady! ☕
December 16, 2019

181 – A Review of the Decade with No Name 🍾

It's the end of an era (well... actually a 'decade') and the last podcast of the year 😢 So we have a look back at the GOOD and the BAD of the last 10 years, where we discuss ice bucket challenges 🧊, selfies 🤳, emojis 😀, Neflix and lots of other from this decade! There's lots of RnR Vocab, so stay with us as we move into 2020 and just keeeeep on ROCKin'! 👊