October 21, 2019

173 – Safety First, People Second ⛓️

Bars on your window to stop burglars getting in? 🔒 That's just one of the (real life) safety measures we talk about today, as well as the walking around with whistle looking for a dog 🐕, people called Tom, Dick and Harry 👀, people getting pushed in bushes 🌳 and lots more! So just keeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! 👊
October 14, 2019

172 – Eviva E-Spain-A 🇪🇸

Did you know there is a someone Spanish on the RnR English Team? Today we talk to our Spanish correspondent and there's talk of nudest beaches 🏖️, ordering beers in Spanish 🍻, rats eating your hair 🐀 and much more! Lots of RnR Vocab, so put your headphones on and keeeeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! 👊
October 7, 2019

171 – DRIVING Me Round The Bend

Some people drive on the left, some on the right... have you done both? 🤔 If not, you'll find out about the joys of doing so in today's episode! 😁 There's also a nice argument about music volumes, Dan the Man's report on Salsa, sweating like pigs and much more! All the vocab is on the website, so just keeeeeep on ROCKin', baby! 👊
September 30, 2019

170 – A Bit Of This And That!

Ok, so I'm not sure if there are 10, but those titles just sound better, don't they?! 😁 There's talk of how to deal with photocopiers, a nice thesis (or faeces?), going weak at the knees and lots more! All the vocab is on the website, so just keeeeep on ROCKin' baby! 👊