April 9, 2018

Episode 85 – You Can’t Buy Experience 💸

It's "Experience Something New Week" so we're celebrating this 'holiday'! 🎉 We talk about Dan the Man being a HERO 😲, hookers and gigolos 🤫 and who is better to listen to: Dan the Man or Oscar Wilde 🤔. Lots of RnR vocab AND grammar, so sit back, relax and just keep on ROCKin' - BOOM! 💣💣💣
April 2, 2018

Episode 84 – Easter, Pizza Express & 9am Drinking 🐇🍻

The REAL story of Easter explain in a RnR way? YES PLEASE! 😀 Not only that, but Dan the Man tells us his favourite HYMN ⛪, we speak about JUDAS 🙉, rabbits doing the WILD THING 🚫 and LOTS more! Some serious RnR vocab and some serious ROCKin'! 🔥🔥🔥
March 26, 2018

Episode 83 – Mistakes, Trojan Horses and Spreadsheets 😲

In the show I say it's episode 82, it's actually episode 83 🤦 Just one of many MISTAKES we CELEBRATE in today's show! 🎉 There is also talk of Jesus ✝️, Pig's Ears 🐷, sexy spreadsheets 📂 and lots more! Annnnnd... there's also a TRANSCRIPT! 🙌 That's right baby, but most importantly, just KEEP ON ROCKIN' baby! 👊👊👊
March 19, 2018

Episode 82 – Donald Trump, Walls and Wrestling 🤼

Last week we spoke inspriation, so we thought we would continue that and talk about an inspiration man: Mr. Donald Trump 🤣 Find out about his love for the Bible 📘, dating your daughter 😲, Dan the Man jumping under beds 🛏️ and lots and lots of RnR vocabulary! ✌️ Just keep calm people and keep on ROCKin'! 🔥🔥🔥