March 14, 2019

E137 – Expert Secrets with Blackboard English

FORGET Expert Secrets for today's episode and listen to hear a WONDERFUL story that will make you APPRECIATE many things in life that you hadn't even thought about! Plus there is a SURPRISE and some FREE stuff 😀
March 11, 2019

E136 – The World of Public Transport

As always, we look at the SERIOUS issues of the world 🌎 Are taxi drivers b@stards in ALL of the world?! 🤔, taking a MERCEDES to the gym 💪, HOPPING to work and MUCH more! 👊 So just keeeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! ✌️
March 7, 2019

E135 – Expert Secrets with Christina Rebuffet

It's Thursday, so that only means ONE thing! Today we have a guest who was a teacher in a course that I did... so there's lots to learn! 
March 4, 2019

E134 – What We Think About BREXIT

If you worried about Brexit, don't be... as Dan the Man says everything will be FINE! 😅 He tells us why as we speak all things BREXIT but there is some SERIOUS RnR vocab in the process - just keeeeeep on ROCKin' people! 👊