July 29, 2019

161 – Oh Boris, Boris, Boris….

First Brexit, now Boris.... 😔 It's not a good time to be British! The only thing to do in a situation like this is laugh or cry, so we try to laugh! We talk about CF Charlie and Boris becoming a couple 💑, chicken in the fridge 🍗, me getting punched in the face 👊 and much more! So just keeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! ✌️
July 22, 2019

160 – Let’s NERD Out 🤓

What defines a nerd? That's one of life's big questions, so that's what we look at today! We talk about Star Wars, fixing computers, video game national championships and much more! So nerd out with us and just keeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! 
July 15, 2019

E159 – Loving the 90s, it’s Paradise 🏖️

We're going back to my favourite decade... the 90s! 🏖️ There's talk of electronic pets, floppy disks, blue movies and much more! So let's go back in time and keeeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! 👊
July 8, 2019

E158 – Brilliant Brazil, Baby 🇧🇷

Let's talk about Brazil, baby, let's talk about you and me, let's talk about all the good thing, all the bad things that may be 😎 Or.... just listen to two idiots who have no idea what they are talking about but have got a few facts about Brazil from a website 😅 It's just another day at RnR English, so just keeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! 👊