November 5, 2018

Episode 116 – Guy Fawkes / Fireworks / Bonfire Night Debate 🔥

Should fireworks be illegal? 🚫 An interesting debate that we look at with help from 🤓 There's also talk of MACHINE GUNS 🔫, dubious Google searches 😬, blowing up Buckingham Palace 🔥 and lots more - BOOM shake the ROOM! 💣💣💣
October 30, 2018

Episode 115 – Halloween, Souls and Saints 👻

A Halloween podcast was done last year, so it's the difficult Part II 😬 There's talk of boys wearing LIPSTICK 💋, first time we saw GENITALS 😲, doing ANYTHING for a £ 💸 and LOTS and LOTS of RnR vocab - so just keeeeeep on ROCKin'! ✌️
October 22, 2018

Episode 114 – Every Penis Tells a Story… 🤨

As always, the most important problems of the world are discussed on this show... politics, culture, science, so that's why we speak about penises today . Not much else to add to that except.... keeeeeeeep on ROCKin'! 
October 15, 2018

Episode 113 – We are FAM-I-LY 👪

Definitely NOT selling anything in this episode, so don't worry!  There's talk of GANGSTA cars , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , HAND-ME-DOWNS , so much RnR vocab it's scary (and tiring!) - so just keep CALM and keep on ROCKin'!