July 2, 2018

Episode 98 – The World’s Most Exciting School Trip 😁

Have you even wondered what school trips are like in England? πŸ€” Probably not... but now you'll find out! 😁 There's also talk of A-GAMES πŸ…°οΈ, SWANS πŸ˜• and Clarification Charlie is not happy with Boom Boom 😬! Listen up people and just keeeeeeep on ROCKin'! ✌️
June 26, 2018

Bonus Episode – Real People Real Football ⚽

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ This podcast is for football fans! If you don't like football, it's probably best not to listen to this episode, as Boom Boom and I talk about the World Cup in a bit more detail and basically GEEK OUT over football! RnR for life people... keeeeep on ROCKin'! πŸ‘Š
June 25, 2018

Episode 97 – How to ROCK πŸ‘Š

Everyone's been to a concert, but does everyone know how to ROCK? We give some tips and recount a few of our (not very) Rock n Roll stories of our younger days that includes PISSING in cups πŸ₯€, DRUNKEN dancing πŸ•Ί and going to bed EARLY 😬. Just keep calm people and keeeeeep ROCKIN'! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
June 18, 2018

Episode 96 – World Cup Mania ⚽

Do we say 'soccer' or 'football' in English?Β  Find out in today's podcast... PLUS there are some songs about Football Coming homeΒ , SAVING The QueenΒ  and lots more! Keeeeeep on ROCKin' people!Β