December 11, 2017

Episode 70 – Prince Harry is Tying the Knot ?

Another Royal Wedding ? But don't worry, we don't just talk about that, we also discuss people getting KICKED in TEETH ?, Dan the Man's wedding ?, people that are down to EARTH ? and lots more! RnR vocab, RnR grammar and just RnR English - keep on ROCKIN' baby! ???
December 4, 2017

Episode 69 – Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day ?

I don't think any city was built in a day but we decided to make a podcast about this one! ? Other than the Eternal City, we speak about SEX World Records ?, The Pope being a LAD ?, CATS called Dan the Man ? and so much RnR vocab that it's almost ILLEGAL! ? Don't tell the police though, just keep on ROCKIN'! ???
November 27, 2017

Episode 68: Taking Risks ?

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ If you listen to this podcast it will be a RISK! Well... that's not really true but that's what we talk about! ? Dan the Man manages to constantly embarrass me ?‍♂️, we talk about KIDNAPPING children (and The Queen) ?, sexy STUDS ? and lots more! So just keep CALM and keep on ROCKin'! ???
November 20, 2017

Episode 67 – How to be a Modern Man ?

Yesterday was World Men's Day so we thought we would celebrate ? We discuss the temperature of Dan the Man's testicles ?, EGGING people on ?, FISTS ? and much more! Loads of RnR vocbaulary and grammar and loads of ROCKin'! ???