October 9, 2017

Episode 61 – Memory like a Goldfish ?

Do you have a memory like a goldfish or an elephant? ? Find out the answer and what they mean in today's show! ? Join us as we speak about GANDHI ?, FLUSHING things DOWN toilets ?, SEX ? and lots more! RnR vocab, RnR grammar, Dan the Man... what more could you want from a podcast?! Just keeeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! ?
October 2, 2017

Episode 60 – Let’s talk about poo, baby! ?

This is something you DEFINITELY will NOT find in an English textbook! ? BUT.... talking about poo is actually very COMMON and very FUN! ? We discuss things like Number 2️⃣s, babies being BORN on toilets ?, and pooing TECHNIQUES ✔️! Lots and LOTS of RnR vocabulary, so just keep CALM and keep on ROCKin'! ???
September 24, 2017

Episode 59 – An Exhausting Weekend Together ?

Come on a weekend away with Dan the Man and me! ? I can't promise that it'll be fun, but I CAN promise that there will be lots of RnR vocabulary! ? Listen to how Dan made me SICK ?, constant arguing ? and even an exclusive interview with Mrs. Dan the Man! ? Just keep calm and KEEP ON ROCKIN' baby! ✌️
September 14, 2017

Episode 58 – Why do people always say “I’m busy”? ?

"I'm sorry, I can't... I'm so busy!" Does this sound familiar? ? Find out WHY people (like Dan the Man) say this when they are NOT busy... PLUS there is talk of PENNIES DROPPING ?, ageing PEARS ?, SCHOOL days ? and lots more - some SERIOUS SEXY idioms and RnR vocab! ROCK. ON. BABY. ✌️