June 25, 2017

Episode 42 – BEATLEMANIA!

The Beatles + RnR English = MEGA EPISODE! Listen to Dan the Man and I talk about WHY The Beatles were (are) so popular and some RANDON facts - PLUS there is talk about Jesus ?, Michael Jackson eating BURGERS ?, WETTING the bed ?️, some sexy 3rd conditional ? and lots and LOTS of RnR vocabulary - ROCK ON! ???
June 22, 2017

Episode 41 – Summer Summer SUMMERTIME!

It's SUMMER ? and Dan the Man is even getting a TAN ? (even if his skin is like mozzerella!). Find out other CRAZY facts about summer in today's show with talk about WATERMELONS ?, YOBS that drink BEERS ?, how to KILL a mosquitoe ?️ and lots and LOTS of RnR vocabulary! Just keeeeeep on ROCKIN' baby - ooooHHH YEEEEAAA! ???
June 18, 2017

Episode 40 – Do you want to be FAMOUS?

Do you want to be famous?! ? We look at some PROS ✔️ and CONS ✖️ of being famous... PLUS talk about LL Cool J's DEGREE ?, Dan the Man refusing to buy an old lady CHEESE ?, Mamas that PUNCH ? and LOTS of RnR vocab - just keep CALM and keep on ROCKin' baby! ???
June 14, 2017

Episode 39 – How to deal with awkward situations

**Special [AMAZING] Guest** in today's show where I speak to Luke from the wonderful Luke's English podcast about HOW to deal with AWKWARD situations ?. We speak about jumping in LAKES ?, The Beatles ?, 'la bise' ? and LOTS more - ooh LA LA! ?? P.S. And don't worry, there is LOTS of RnR vocabulary! ✌️