August 26, 2019

165 – Our Fury Four-Legged Friends 🐶

A full episode dedicated to my favourite creature  There talk of VOMITING in bushes , MARRYING dogs , why dog POO is good for the environment and much more! Lots and LOTS of RnR vocabulary so just keeeeeeeep on ROCKin', baby! 
August 12, 2019

163 – August is the Month of Happiness

Apparently August is the month where we should be happy, but with the Hellraiser in town it's difficult to be happy. We talk about how happiness is punching yourself in the testicles, sexy exchange rates and dogs that work (and kill). There's nothing new here, just a standard episode of RnR English and some standard ROCKin'! 
August 6, 2019

FREE Feedback on your Speaking 🗣️

Yes, it's true, have a listen to find out how!
August 5, 2019

162 – The Naughty Noughties

It's all going on today: sex, drugs, echoes, heads coming off, faces falling off and most importantly... getting a job at the pet shop! 😲 This may sound strange, but will all make perfect sense when you listen to me and the Hellraiser talk about the 00s - so just keeeeeep on ROCKin', baby! 👊