February 19, 2017

Episode 7 – Going to prison for some pasta

Before radio, TVs, iPads, mobile phones and everything else, entertainment was simply story telling and that's exactly what this is! No Dan 'the man' today, so it's just me and a true story of how I nearly got sent to prison for eating some pasta, lots of stupid sound effects and of course some RnR vocabulary!
February 15, 2017

Episode 6 – Why Intelligent People are Single

Find out why intelligent people are single, listen to stories about climbing trees, why injustice is bad and RnR Vocab like 'keep your chin up' - BOOM!
February 11, 2017

Episode 5 – Love is in the Air

Listen to us talk about Valentine's Day, love, spanking, tacky roses and Singles Awareness Day - find out what all this means in today's episode - Rock On!
February 11, 2017

Episode 4 – Are you a genius?

Listen to how getting annoyed by little things makes you a genius and find out the most offensive word in the English language - Rock On!