April 23, 2017

Episode 24 – St. George’s Day!

Did you know St. George is the patron saint of England? Did you also know that NO-ONE in England celebrates this day and some people think that it is racist to celebrate it? ? Why⁉️ LISTEN ? to today's episode and find out! PLUS talk of drunk hooligans ?, DAVID BECKHAM ⚽, SLAYING dragons ? and lots and lots of RnR vocab and grammar! ???
April 20, 2017

Episode 23 – Will you marry me?

What are weddings in England like? ? LISTEN ? to today's episode and find out for yourself! PLUS - stories that involve PISSING THE BED ?, Dan asking me to marry him ?, music from the BEE GEES ? and lots of RnR vocab and grammar - keen on ROCKin' baby! ?⛪?
April 13, 2017

Episode 22 – Differences between British English, American English and Austrlian English

An Englishman, an American and an Australian walk into a pub.... and this is the result! ? Listen to me (English) talk to Chad (Australian) and Ethan (American) from Real Life English about the differences between that exist in this lovely language... PLUS, talk about DOING POOS or MAKING POOS ?, RESTROOMS and TOILETS ?, bad teeth ? and lots lots more - ROCK ON baby! ?
April 10, 2017

Episode 21 – Time FLIES when you’re having fun!

Yes, time does FLY when you're having fun and that's exactly what we talk about in today's show: FLYING! ✈️✈️✈️ Find out why Dan packed ROSARY BEADS ? when he went to America, listen to a toilet FLUSH ? and people that DRIBBLE on planes - ROCK ON! ?