March 4, 2019

E134 – What We Think About BREXIT

If you worried about Brexit, don't be... as Dan the Man says everything will be FINE! 😅 He tells us why as we speak all things BREXIT but there is some SERIOUS RnR vocab in the process - just keeeeeep on ROCKin' people! 👊
February 28, 2019

E133 – Expert Secrets with Teacher Mike

Here we are again people, another EXPERT sharing more SECRETS from YEARS of experience! Today I speak to Teacher Mike who teaches English in China - listen and learn!
February 25, 2019

E132 – Why We Need Women (like CF Charlie)

GIRL POWER! 👊 That's the vibe in today's episode where we talk about telling Google to SHUT UP 🤫, burning BRAS 😲 and lots more! Just keeeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! 💣
February 21, 2019

E131 – Expert Secrets with Peetu Skyttä

Another EXERT sharing some more SECRETS with us today! I speak to Peetu Skyttä who is FLUENT is THREE languages and he also has a FREE gift just for YOU!