July 1, 2019

E157 – UK USA Differences 🇬🇧 v 🇺🇸

How similar are the UK and the USA? We investigate exactly this in today's show where we have.... an American guest! 😲 Yes that's right... but don't worry.... she knows how to ROCK! 👊
June 24, 2019

E156 – Solo Beaching 🏖️

Have you ever been to the beach on your own? 🤔 If you HAVE, you'll be able to relate to many things in this show. If you HAVEN'T, you'll be prepared for when you do! 😉 There's talk about SHAKESPEARE 📚, going TOPLESS 😲, beach SELFIES 🤳 and lots more! Loads of RnR vocab, so just keeeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! 👊
June 17, 2019

E155 – A Trip to Seville for a Corporal Wedding

Have you heard of a vlog? Well today you're going to listen to a "plog"! I take you with me on my trip to Seville for the wedding of the year! You will get to listen to Corporal Comer before AND after he gets married, Mrs. CC makes an appearance and you will also hear me talking after a few too many 🍺🍺🍺. There's still room for some RnR vocab and some SERIOUS rockin' baby! 💥
June 10, 2019

E154 – Expert Secrets with Lýdia Machová

Nothing to see here, just a conversation with a polyglot who speaks 9 languages, has done a TED Talk that has been watched more then 4 million times and has helped thousands of people learn language by themselves... or actually, maybe it is worth listening to! 😁 Listen to me speak to Lýdia Machová from www.languagementoring.com where she shares some ROCKin' language learning tips! 🙌