August 6, 2018

Episode 103 – How to be a Real Man 💪

Some useful information in this episode for people like me (as I am definitely NOT a real man!)  There's talk of use should use the DRILL , lots of TOOLS  and even ELEPHANTS ! Some SEXY RnR vocab and even a phrasal verb used in 2 different ways - WOW! Just keeeeeeep on ROCKin' people! 
July 30, 2018

Episode 102 – Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride 👰 🎩

We know what weddings are, but what about the different jobs at British weddings?! 🤔 In today's show, we talk about the role of Best Man 🎩! There's a NEW guest on, so get ready people! There's talk of rubbish HAIRCUTS 👨‍🦱, LIQUID lunches 💧 and MILLIONS of RnR vocab (well... not quite, but nearly!). Just keep CALM people and keep on ROCKin'! 💣💣💣
July 23, 2018

Episode 101 – The Birds and The Bees 🐦 🐝

Sex Education is a subject in schools in the UK  And that's exactly what we speak about! LOSING vaginas , going to TOWN on things , and masturbation MYTHS  are all spoken about PLUS there's the usual RnR vocab and grammar! It's back to normal here people, so let's just keep on ROCKin'! 
July 16, 2018

Episode 100 – Episode 100 🎉

RnR English is having a party, bring your vodka and your charlie!