June 3, 2019

E153 – From Russia with Love 🇷🇺

It's Russian Language Day soon so we thought "let's talk abotu Russia!" So that's what we do, but we also find time to talk about going to prison for some ketchup, poetry and of... a nice argument! It's just a standard day at the office at RnR English so keeeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! 👊
May 30, 2019

E152- Expert IELTS Speaking Secrets with Keith O’Hare

A teacher with over 20 years' experience who worked as an IELTS examiner sharing his best tips to improve your speaking? YES PLEASE! 😀 
May 27, 2019

E151 – Appreciating Teachers

It's International Brothers' Day on 24th May so we speak about brothers, sisters, embarrassing family stories that involve Mike and Dave, finding women (or trying to) and lots more! 👊
May 23, 2019

Bonus – RnR Champions League ⚽

It's another bonus football chat with me and Boom Boom! We speak about everything Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, a quick mention of the FA Cup and lots of talk about Greame Souness!