April 29, 2019

E146 – The Benefits of Getting Married 💍

Mrs RnR English has made a big mistake and agreed to be my wife 😅. So we talk about that and the BENEFITS of the whole wedding thing! 
April 22, 2019

E145 – Easter All Around The World 🌎

As always, there's talk of poo, but this time we talk about WINNIE THE POOH! 😄 Probably in a different way to what you're expecting, then there's talk of EGGS, dancing to TECHNO 🕺 in church and lots more! Oh yea... we also speak about Easter Traditions around the world! So just keeeeeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! 👊
April 15, 2019

E144 – Things that Suck Day!

Not in a sexual way! 😝 We're speaking about the American meaning of the word 'suck' today! 😉 Plus there's talk of PYJAMAS 😄, things moving from SOUTH to NORTH, socks in pants 🩲 and MUCH more! So just keep CALM and keep on ROCKin'! 👊
April 8, 2019

E143 – Some Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Germany 🇩🇪 #143

This is a podcast about the boring life of an English teacher, the boring English teacher went to Germany recently... so the episode is about Germany! Nothing amazing here people! BUT.... we do have a useless talk about days of the week 📅, getting kicked in the TEETH 🦷 and the home of BURGERS🍔! It's another day at RnR English so just keeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! 👊