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January 27, 2017
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January 29, 2017
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English on the Toilet


“I don’t have time time to study English”

This is another common thing that all my students tell me. Everyone is busy, but in order to learn a language, you must take advantage of every free opportunity that you have, for example:

  • when you wait for the bus;
  • when you take the train to work;
  • when you wait in at the doctor’s surgery;


  • When you are ON THE TOILET.

I don’t know about you, but when I sit on the toilet for a relaxing poo, the first thing I do it take my phone out. So it’s the perfect time to READ in English!

This is just an explanation of how English on the Toilet works, if you want to read the first article of the series, click HERE.

Benefits of reading in English

People always think that to learn a language you need to speak it, and that is true, but reading is also a very important skills as it helps you:

  • Learn new vocabularyas you see new words in their correct context.
  • Consolidate vocabulary that you have seen or heard before – they say you need to meet a new word a minimum of 7 times before it remains in your brain.
  • Understand more complex grammatical structures as your brain is able to visually see the words in the correct order and will start to remember how to construct difficult sentences more naturally.  

And that’s not all….

Reading also helps you to start THINKING in English.

How English on the Toilet can help you

English on the Toilet (EOTT) has been designed to give you something light to read (you don’t want to be stressed whilst you are on the toilet 😉 ). All stories are true and they are the typical stupid stories that someone will probably tell you in English one day, so it’s good practice!

EOTT will give you all the benefits of reading in English plus one more….

You will notice in this article (and every article on this site) there are words written like this.

These are the more ‘difficult’ words, so when you click on them, an explanation of the word appears. For all EOTT articles, there is a quiz at the bottom of the page that you can do using these new words that will help you remember them.

So next time you sit on the toilet, click HERE and read an article of English on the Toilet! It’s part of the ‘FULL IMMERSION‘ 😉


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