Episode 10 – Nokia 3310, Phones, Selfies and Sharks

Episode 9 – It’s just another Manic Monday
February 26, 2017
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March 2, 2017
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Episode 10 – Nokia 3310, Phones, Selfies and Sharks

LISTEN to the podcast. READ the RnR Grammar. DO the quiz and…. ROCK ON!

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Did you know that selfies are more dangerous than sharks? Find out how and hear other strange stories about pissing on phones as well as some sexy RnR grammar like the 3rd conditional and, as always, some rocking RnR vocab such as:

  • I’ve got a pain in my throat
  • My phone is just like a landline phone
  • Close but no cigar
  • I thought it was a scam
  • A brand new phone
  • It’s 18 times dirtier than the door handle
  • Have I got reception?
  • I bloody hope so!

Here are links to the studies mentioned in the show, just in case you thought I was making it up! If you don’t know the phrasal verb “make it up” listen to the previous show!

RnR Grammar

We had some third conditional in today’s show, when I said:

If I hadn’t read the article, I wouldn’t have known either

When do we use the third conditional? Think about these questions:

  • Am I talking about a past action? YES
  • Can I change this past action? NO

So there we have the answer! We use the third conditional for PAST actions that CAN’T be changed (because they’re in the past obviously!).

The construction is always:


When you have listened to the podcast and read the above, then you’re ready for the quiz below!

Good luck!

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