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Did you know The Queen has TWO birthdays?! ? Did you also know that many people in England DON’T WANT The Queen?! ??! Find out WHY this is in today’s show… PLUS lots of SECOND CONDITIONALS ?, David Beckham ⚽, The Sex Pistols ? and lots and LOTS of RnR vocabulary ?  like:

  • Sounds like a quiet get together
  • I don’t want any fuss for my birthday
  • Obviously financial institutions day didn’t take off
  • The Queen is thrifty because she switches the light off
  • She’s not short of a few bob
  • Do you reckon she’ll give me French lessons?
  • Sometimes she waves from her balcony?
  • Do you fancy David Beckham?
  • If I met The Queen, I’d be expected to bow
  • People that don’t agree with the idea of the Royal Family don’t sing the National Anthem

Just keep CALM and keep on ROCKin’ baby ✌️

RnR Grammar

There was lots of second conditional today, so that’s what we’ll look at here. I know it’s boring to always repeat, but using this correctly can make a BIG difference to your speaking!

Remember the basic formula is that we use the PAST with ‘if’, then in the other part of the phrase we use WOULD + verb.

So an easier way to say this is:

PAST / WOULD + verb

Write this on your head if you remember so that you don’t forget it!

When you have listened to the podcast and read the above, then you’re ready for the quiz below!

[WpProQuiz 43]