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**Special [AMAZING] Guest**  in today’s show where I speak to Luke from the wonderful Luke’s English podcast about HOW to deal with AWKWARD situations ?. We speak about jumping in LAKES ?, The Beatles ?, ‘la bise’ ? and LOTS more – ooh LA LA! ?? P.S. And don’t worry, there is LOTS of RnR vocabulary like:

  • It takes a lot of bottle to be a comedian
  • If I bump into someone in the street
  • When you greet people
  • I can’t be bothered to look on Spotify
  • You can use a river or a pond
  • There needs to be a leaflet about the kissing rules
  • In the video he covers ‘la bise’ from top to bottom
  • Just wipe off the the spit
  • Just keep a straight face
  • We’ve come full circle
  • We’ve cleared up all of these awkward situations

Just keep CALM and keep on ROCKin’ baby ✌️

P.S. Don’t forget to check out Luke’s EXCELLENT podcast which you can find HERE!

RnR Grammar

There was some really nice RnR vocabulary today, so I thought we could look at the grammar aspect of some of the items that came up, so let’s look at these two:

“we’ve come full circle” – “just keep a straight face”

Why are the words ‘come’ and ‘keep’ in bold writing I hear you ask…

WELL the answer to that question is that I want to make you aware about how important it is to record new vocabulary well. When you see a new word it’s not enough just to write ‘full circle‘ for example – make sure you also write COLLOCATIONS (which are words that come before or after it).

As if you wrote ‘we DID full circle’ in an exam, that would be WRONG! So make sure you record all vocabulary with things like:

  • COLLOCATIONS (eg. KEEP  a straight face)
  • Prepositions that go with it (eg. depend ON)
  • Irregular pasts if it is a verb (eg. see – saw – seen_
  • Opposites (eg. love – hate)

And also write down any other stupid information that helps you remember like ‘wipe a POO!’ 😉

When you have listened to the podcast and read the above, then you’re ready for the quiz below!

[WpProQuiz 44]