Episode 67 – How to be a Modern Man ?

Episode 66 – World Kindness Day ?
November 13, 2017
Episode 68: Taking Risks ?
November 27, 2017
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Episode 67 – How to be a Modern Man ?

LISTEN to the podcast. READ the RnR Grammar. DO the quiz and…. ROCK ON!

Yesterday was World Men’s Day so we thought we would celebrate ? We discuss the temperature of Dan the Man’s testicles ?, EGGING people on ?, FISTS ? and much more! Loads of RnR vocbaulary…

  • Women are dirty (remember, we didn’t say this… this is from a TV show called The Office!)
  • Unfaithful men are more stupid than faithful men
  • I turned around and gave the kid an evil
  • I think the kid’s Dad egged him on
  • Well I’m bottom of the pecking order when it comes to available chargers
  • The modern man jots things down and doesn’t use his phone
  • It turns out that the kid had a medical problem (remember this is NOT the example from the show, I can’t remember the example from the show so this is the one I used in the outro)
  • You looked at me blankly
  • Men spend 40 minutes a day staring at women
  • Use your FISTS
  • The listeners can back me up (about the fact that Dan said he would call me on my birthday)
  • World Men’s Day is to show that men can be role models
  • A role model is someone you look up to
  • I didn’t want to tell you about the show as I wanted to keep you in the dark

…so just keep on ROCKin’ baby! ???

RnR Grammar

In today’s show, somewhere around the 8 minute mark, I said to Dan:

“You had a shave when you were 13, another when you were 25, it’s probably about time you had another shave!”

This term “it’s about time + PAST” is used to describe something that should have happened earlier. For example, I could say to my son (this is just an example by the way, I don’t actually have a son)…

“It’s about time you got a job!”

Which basically means, you should have got a job before (it should have happened earlier), so do it now!

Use this term when you speak and your English will ROCK! ?

When you have listened to the podcast and read the above, then you’re ready for the quiz below! ?

Good luck!

It’s my birthday though so you have to forgive me! 😉 Anyway, it will be there tomorrow! 🙂

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  1. Josephine says:

    Hi Martin I didn’t catch the last expression you repetead at the end of the podcast. Could you explain better please?

    • Martman99 says:

      Hi Giusi! 🙂 Sorry I can’t remember what I said and I don’t understand which expression you’re talking about… let me know more context and I’ll try my best to remember it! 🙂

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