171 – DRIVING Me Round The Bend

Fam401: Q&A – A Different Type of Saturday Question
October 5, 2019
171 – DRIVING Me Round The Bend
October 7, 2019
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171 – DRIVING Me Round The Bend

Some people drive on the left, some on the right… have you done both? 🤔 If not, you’ll find out about the joys of doing so in today’s episode! 😁 There’s also a nice argument about music volumes, Dan the Man’s report on Salsa, sweating like pigs and much more! All the vocab is on the website, so just keeeeeep on ROCKin’, baby! 👊

The RnR vocab that you will learn in today’s show:s

  • The question on everyone’s lips
  • I was already sweating
  • I was sweating profusely
  • I was sweating like a pig
  • each to their own
  • Accidentally hit a curb
  • the tyre burst
  • get back on the horse
  • you get a speeding ticket
  • you kept that quiet (speeding ticket)
  • you’re always flustered
  • when people are driving up your arse
  • why do people have lanes here?
  • it’s just a free for all
  • that put me off for life (car washing)
  • let’s try and bundle in
  • that also used a hilarious gag when they called it a car-puccino
  • maybe pass it to the person in the passenger seat
  • you haven’t got a good grip
  • now I’m living the high life
  • Money bags!

RnR Grammar

In today’s episode we had the gag ‘car-puccino’, these can also be referred to as PUNS.

A pun is a play on words that uses the different meanings of a word or words that sound similar, another example could be “grammar is easy, it’s just COMMA sense”.

When you understand, and even better, when you can make puns, you will have fully mastered the English language! So studying them can be really useful and also (could) be funny!

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