I wrote ‘with’ a lot in that title didn’t I 😅 But anyway, today we have a new face (and voice with a different accent) on the show! As always in RnR English, we look at real life stories and Rob tells us some secrets from working in photography when he was living in London 📸, living in different countries around the world 🌎 and lots more! He’s so interesting he even makes geography sound cool! 🗺️ So sit back, put on some headphones and keeeeeep on ROCKin’, baby! 👊

The RnR Vocabulary that you will learn in this episode:

  • That’s why I thought you were giving me the come on
  • Thanks for pointing that out, my slackness
  • I dropped geography when I was 14
  • If people are living in old dilapidated houses / run down
  • I wouldn’t go that far “classic Italian architecture”
  • I know bugger all about photography
  • But also, a lot of it is staged
  • You could do a stage dive
  • Trying not to spill the piss
  • No moshing
  • You moved abroad to broaden your horizons
  • The handle bars facing inwards
  • Very worried about a puncture
  • Your costumes
  • I have a monk outfit
  • This box is full of wigs
  • You try and squeeze into your kids clothes
  • If you put in English with Rob, you’re bound to find my podcast

RnR Grammar

In today’s pod Rob said “what I’ve fallen in love with is video editing”, this structure “what I’ve….. is” is a real beauty! Try to use it “what I’ve done is….” “what I’ve heard is…”what I’ve fallen in love with is…” and then you’ll sound very RnR!

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