Have you ever wondered what they are? Well we’re here to speak about some today, plus there’s talk of bears dropping from trees 🐻, fighting wild dogs whilst pooing 😅, expensive Kit Kats 🍫 and lots more! Charlie from The British English Podcast is  back (he must be a great guest if he got invited on the show again 😁) to talk us through the differences, so sit back, get your headphones on and just keeeeeep on ROCKin’, baby! 👊
The RnR Vocab that you will learn in today’s episode:

  • I feel ya
  • You currently reside in Australia
  • I’m a sucker for nature now
  • The spade will also come in handy if you see a dingo
  • So that’s all intact (my penis)
  • Most people don’t need to fend off dingos with a spade every night
  • They do it to fend off tourists
  • I fell for it (drop bears)
  • They eat you alive with their fangs
  • I haven’t come across any creatures recently
  • When I touched down in the UK
  • On a good run, it takes about 40 mins to arrive at the beach
  • Have you got any soil on your trainers?
  • I didn’t sleep a wink
  • I made a faux pas as I brought my own Barbie to a Barbie
  • You don’t have fire drills for nothing
  • Most of the middle of Australia is inhabitable
  • We’re fucking close to the beach, excuse my French
  • Gasping for air
  • I thought I could carry on, or I could have a beer… I went for the latter option in the end
  • It’s just something they tell you to shit you up
  • Maybe I need to cut back on the beers
  • Eating out costs less, drinking costs more, so it evens itself out
  • Some Kit Kat gags there
  • It was straight gin at 11am
  • I’ll be such a tosser when I’m 36
  • I was keeping myself to myself and got thrown out
  • The Americans were so besotted with our accent
  • Some of them have a chip on their shoulder and think that they are better than us

RnR Grammar

“If only he had explained it like you” is what I said in the episode. So when we speak about past wishes, we use the Past Perfect after I wish!

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