I lived a dream of seeing England play live at a major tournament on Saturday and I bring you with me on the journey 🧳. Come with me to Rome where I meet friends 🎎, get drunk 🍺, sing songs 🎶, lose my t-shirt 👕 and much more! This could also be the last episode of RnR English (listen to see why 😁), so enjoy it! But most importantly… just keeeeeep on ROCKin’, baby! 👊

Look out for this RnR Vocab in today’s episode:

  • Four nil
  • They very quickly hung up the phone
  • They look very intimidating
  • It was just banter
  • It seemed to do the trick
  • Nerves were really starting to kick in
  • Then they did the national anthems
  • Listen to this next football chant
  • You still turn me on
  • So to put it bluntly, that was mental
  • So that was me arguing with the guy on the tannoy speaker

RnR Grammar

Some lovely grammar today when I said “I spoke to Mr Substitute about the football match that had been played the day before” – past perfect passive…. BOOM!


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