No prizes for guessing why this is the topic of conversation! 😅 But for non-football fans, don’t worry, this podcast is not about football today, just disappointments in general! There’s also talk of WhatsApp groups, going on holiday to recover from a holiday, how to speak Spanish and Italian, plus lots more! So put some headphones on, enjoy the ride and just keeeeeep on ROCKin’, baby! 👊

Look out for this RnR Vocab in today’s episode:

  • Put on the back burner
  • And my oh my what a review
  • That’s blown me away, that’s heartwarming
  • It was quite surreal
  • I am an absolute specimen
  • Until I weigh more than 10 stone
  • I saw a kid on a scooter
  • I’ve not bumped into your family
  • I’ve had my face rubbed in it a lot
  • That’s a vicious circle you’re in there
  • The thing that got to me was the personal stuff
  • A social media boycott for 35 years
  • It’s not fair to paint everyone with the same brush
  • It’s good to sleep on it
  • I just bit immediately
  • I went on holiday to get over another holiday
  • It was a nice place to go to get over the jet lag
  • Not so hot on my French to be honest
  • I can get by in Spain and Italy 11@23
  • Of being dumped by girls
  • You were just going hell for leather on your balls
  • It was just putting petrol on the fire
  • I never played up to it (wearing the tights)
  • Don’t ruminate about what might have been
  • Baby RnR is having her christening this weekend (the dress)
  • You like to dwell on the good things too
  • Drown your sorrows

RnR Grammar

When there’s some third conditional, there’s nothing else to talk about! “If we HAD WON the match, I WOULD HAVE DONE something…”


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