Is it best to grow up with a brother, sister or an only child? We discuss the pros and cons of all these whilst also talking about imaginary girlfriends, favourite children, eating clothes and lots more! Lots of RnR Vocab, so put on your headphones, get comfy and just keeeeeeep on ROCKin’ baby! 👊

The RnR Vocab to look out for in today’s episode:

  • I thought I would get him on board
  • Just to keep you on your toes
  • He’s going to be a tough act to follow
  • Don’t put yourself down
  • Dialogues between 2 accomplices
  • Why so stingy with the stars?
  • I’ve tweaked the topic
  • Talking to thin air
  • Play it safe
  • Older brother looks out for you
  • I’ve lost a lot of ground
  • You’re doing your bit now on that front (kids married) whilst I’m still lagging behind
  • I need to pull my finger out here (have kids)
  • You’re just going to rock up at school
  • History? I’ll give it a go
  • Shaving becomes a chore
  • I got the hand-me-downs
  • Bit drawback of being the younger one
  • My brother used to eat the clothes so they were very manky
  • He used to eat the tassels
  • We’re biased so we’ll say brothers


RnR Grammar

Today is about the grammar of words… and by that I mean formality. As just remember that ALL words are adapt for each situation, even formal words sound strange in informal situations and obviously informal words sound strange in formal situations. But just remember that informal words in informal situations are PERFECT (and also very funny), so this means that terms like “hand-me-downs” and “manky” should NOT be disregarded, as they have their time and place too!