We have another “country podcast” today and talk about Chile with Charlie (that sounds good, doesn’t it?!) So yes, Charlie from The British English Podcast joins us to talk about this wonderful country in South America, but we also find time to talk about nudity in British Newspapers 📰, telescopes 🔭, poetry 📒 and my “sophistication levels” reach an all-time low! Lots of RnR Vocab, so get your headphones on and keeeeeeep on ROCKin’! 👊

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The RnR Vocab to look out for today:

  • I have been overlooked (for godfather)
  • I make an evening out of it and drink an ale
  • I let that slip, didn’t I?
  • Take it up with the website
  • On the house phone
  • A jack the lad
  • It’s still a thing
  • It’s kind of like a land’s mag
  • In this day and age
  • Let’s write in!
  • Let’s make a stand
  • Oh wow, bold! (opinion on poetry)
  • I’m dragged there
  • Fleas, Adam, had ‘em
  • I was pulled there under false pretences, obviously I was wanting to learn the language
  • I managed to even muck things up there
  • When you are fussy with your food it’s a recipe for disaster
  • I’m trying to redeem myself talking with a Spanish accent


RnR Grammar

In today’s pod, Charlie said “I was wanting to learn the language”, now normally, in traditional grammar books, you will be taught that these state verbs don’t use the “ing” form, but in reality, they are used quite a lot in this form too, as shown by Charlie today!