Well… not really “British Problems” more like “international problems”, but maybe you can tell us… do you like people massaging your head? 🤔 We also talk about Forest Gump haircuts 🪖, erections 😬, microphone haircuts 🎤 and lots more! So sit back, get your headphones on and keeeeeeeeeep on ROCKin’, baby! 👊

Keep an eye out for this RnR Vocab today:

  • Hellraiser has left us in the lurch
  • He let us down
  • I’ve got to pop out
  • We’re going to push through this
  • The B team
  • That name came about when I was 12 or 13
  • It will come back to haunt you / come back and bite you in the arse
  • An avid listener
  • Don’t be a pussy
  • And had an absolute stinker of a haircut
  • Lots of these really resonated with me and hit home
  • They have a knack for getting the temperature right
  • When a man is slowly caressing my head
  • Never go to a random hairdresser
  • This place will do, there’s no queue
  • A cape over you
  • Stonker / boner
  • Where I see the crown
  • Bald patches


RnR Grammar

In today’s episode I said “let me explain what Mental Marky Mark has on his head”, this is a simple present simple sentence, he has this on his head every day. However, I then wanted to add more information to the sentence and tell you HOW LONG this action had been happening, so I said “and what he HAS HAD on his head for 26 years”. Now I’m saying that this action started in the past and is still in progress, so I use the present perfect. I would use the present perfect continuous, but as this is a state verb, the present perfect simple is what we need!