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Improve your English without Studying and

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You studied English at school, maybe did a few classes outside of school, then maybe had an experience abroad and now your English is at a good level.

But when was the last time your English really IMPROVED

When was the last time someone gave you some FEEDBACK about your writing / speaking? πŸ€”

Maybe you...

  • tried to do an English course and got bored.
  • bought a self-study text book and got bored.
  • bought an online course and got bored.

But improving your English doesn't have to be boring....

People rarely succeed at anything unless they are having fun


I'm Martin Johnston and I'm always fantastic 😁

I know I'm an idiot, but I also know how to help you improve your English.

I am always trying to improve my Italian but I can never find anything interesting to read or listen to.

Sure, I could read the news, I could watch TV series, but I'm interested in REAL LIFE. I'm interested in my life, my friend's life and YOUR life.

I don't want to talk about economics and politics. I want to talk about poos, being scared of dogs, awkward situations and lots more, because that's what I talk about with my friends!

That's why I created the RnR English Family, so you can hear about the stupid crazy things in my life and you can tell me about the stupid crazy things in YOUR life!

What is the RnR English Family?

The basic idea is that one week you listen to me and the next week I listen to YOU.

One week there will be 3 conversations full of stupid stories for you to listen to, then the next week YOU will have the opportunity to tell me YOUR stupid stories.

We call this 'Podcast Week' and 'Practice Week' as you will have the chance to use the new RnR Vocabulary and Grammar and apply it to YOUR life and get FEEDBACK from me.

What is included in the RnR English Family?


How does this help you?

Listening to 1 episode of RnR English is useful. Listening to 600+ episodes is EXTREMELY useful as you will be so immersed in the language that your brain will begin to THINK in English


How does this help you?

Don't understand a word? No problem! Just check INSTANTLY on your phone as you listen! This will ensure you understand everything, then if there is a grammar structure you don't understand, you can ask me to explain it in the Facebook group.


How does this help you?

It gives you a chance to interact with me, the group and other members from the RnR English Team (as you can see, Boom Boom Cannon and The Hellraiser both commented on the video in the story). You can ask questions about vocabulary, grammar, poos, dogs... whatever you want!


How does this help you?

Post your stories in the group (written or via video) and share YOUR experience with all of us! The most RnR Post of the Month then will be invited on the Facebook Live with me - so this is the speaking and writing competition!

P.S. Please watch this story, it's very RnR and very funny!


How does this help you?

Every 2 weeks there will be flashcards of the RnR Vocab where you can play different games with the vocabulary so you can memorise all the new words then use them in one of your stupid crazy stories!


How does this help you?

MOTIVATION is the most important thing when learning a language! So by constantly having new content and new stories about poo, you won't get bored!

P.S. 'At least 8' because sometimes I make more!


How does this help you?

You will become part of the best international community in the world (in my opinion!) where you will be reading posts in English every day, as well as writing posts yourself and making videos which will make you more CONFIDENT using English!


How does this help you?

This gives you an opportunity to USE the vocabulary from the podcast and share YOUR  stupid crazy stories! It also gives you a chance to make REAL friends with people from around the world! If you cannot come to the lesson, you can watch a recording in the group then send us a video with your stories!


How does this help you?

I made the same mistake in Italian for 5 years before someone told me! Unless someone tells you the mistake, you will not be able to correct it. I give feedback at the end of the RnR Lessons then once a month I give feedback on the posts I have seen in the group. Plus you can ask me questions in the group when you want!


How does this help you?

One time every 3 months you can ROCK with me and we'll record a 10 minute podcast together! πŸ‘Š Knowing that you will be on the podcast will also give you more MOTIVATION to improve and prepare yourself... and remember, without motivation your language skills will never improve!

The RnR English Family Monthly Schedule:

Week 1

podcast week

week 2


week 3

podcast week

week 4


Podcast Mon, Weds and Fri

Facebook Live

Podcast Mon, Weds and Fri

Facebook Live

All podcasts with transcript on your phone

RnR English Lesson Online

All podcasts with transcript on your phone

RnR English Lesson Online

RnR Vocab Flashcards

Podcast on Thursday with just me!

RnR Vocab Flashcards

Podcast on Thursday with just me!

See what RnR Family Members are saying:


You improve your English without thinking about it, because you are involved in a group of friends, interacting with them, writing post, having videoconferences, as you were doing it with your normal friends, so you don’t notice you are β€˜studying’ and the best thing is that you speak to people around the world.




It’s not a passive experience as it was before I was a member, when you’re just a listener to the podcast, you receive the information but you don’t have the opportunity to share as well, but in the family membership area, we can participate and interact with Martin and his friends.

We take part in speaking competitions where everybody wins, as Martin gives us feedback on our mistakes and compliments which help us become more confident with what we are doing. I believe the membership is the best thing I’ve done to improve my English and I have got to a point where I can say I am comfortable speaking with anyone.




I love the attention of the international open mind community which supports you and involves you in the playful, almost effortless lifelong learning of English.

You will be able to enjoy more exclusive content in the special Family episodes of the RnR English podcast - You will have a chance to meet up with all the members, guests of the show and Martin, of course, online and possibly offline in the future!

You can become a co-creator of the content in this wonderful worldwide community.


Ukraine / Spain


There is a lovely atmosphere even when you speak about something awkward, the priceless opportunity to learn many idioms and last but not least, listening to hilarious conversations between Martin and his friends




I strongly believe that listening to podcasts increases my self-confidence: if I listen to someone who speaks English every day, my brain starts thinking in English too.




It's great listening to English every day, speaking with others and making new friends. I feel involved, I take a part and I have a role




Your Investment? Just €0.65 a day!

Remember, here is what you will get every month:

  • 8 podcasts a month with transcripts
  • Access to Best Facebook Group in the world (in my opinion!)
  • Two Facebook Lives
  • Two RnR Online Lessons
  • Flashcards with RnR Vocab every 2 weeks
  • Feedback from experienced English teacher
  • Speaking and Writing Competition every month
  • Record a podcast with me every 3 months

All of this for just €19.99 a month (or €0.65 a day)!

Things to take into consideration when thinking about this investment:


Lesson with me usually costs €40 an hour

As you can see HERE, a one hour lesson with me costs €40, but in the RnR Family Area you will get MUCH more than 1 hour of my time and pay less than HALF the price!


You get access to €100's worth of podcasts

I am going to sell the 600 episodes of the RnR English Family podcast for a one time payment of €99. But for the same money, you can do 5 months in the RnR English Family and use all the other benefits.


The monthly price will go up in the future

Membership used to cost €10 a month, but the cost has increased as there are now more services. I will continue to add more services so the price will continue to increase, but if you join now, you will NEVER pay more than €19.99 a month.

Maybe you're thinking to yourself.....

"I'm just not comfortable buying things online!" 😭

​#WatchVideo πŸ‘‡

Just to repeat that... remember you can contact me about any problem that you may have and that you can cancel at any time! 😊

Registration for the RnR English Family is now closed, but if you click the link below, you can join the waiting list and receive my favourite episode of the 600 for free!


You Might Be Thinking...

"I can listen to other podcasts for free"

Yes, that's absolutely true. But if you REALLY enjoy RnR English, you will be more motivated to listen to something you really enjoy.

And you will have more than 600 episodes of something you really enjoy all in one place!

Also, listening to podcasts is a passive experience, by joining the RnR Family you will become an ACTIVE part of the podcast.


"I can just watch Netflix to practise"

Again, Netflix is great and will definitely increase your listening skills! But it is a passive experience again, you never have the opportunity to USE the language.

Also, it is difficult (and boring) to write down new words you hear. In the RnR English Family, you get Flashcards made for you with all the new vocabulary, so you don't have to do anything!

"How do I access the Family podcasts?"

They will arrive directly to your phone! When you make your payment, you will receive all the instructions... it's very easy, don't worry! 


"I don't have time"

Einstein said "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". In simple words: if you continue to do the same thing, you'll get the same results.

So for your English to improve, organising your time is the first step you need to take. 

Luckily, by being in the RnR English Family, you can listen to all 600+ episodes when you go to work or are at the gym, then even if you find 30 minutes a week to take part in group activities, you'll see results. 

Remember, it's not necessary to take part in all the activities, there are lots of activities so you can choose what you want to do and what you don't want to do!

"How do I cancel membership? Will I lose money?"

To cancel membership, just send me a message and I will cancel it for you immediately.

You will not lose money, because even if you think "I will do one more month then I will cancel", then you forget to cancel the payment at the end of the month, just send me a message and I will refund the last payment and cancel the membership for you.

When you join The RnR English Family, you're not dealing with an international company where you need to speak to a machine when you become a member, you are dealing with me, Martin 😊


If you want a new result, you need a new action.


New Result: Your English improves βœ…


New Action: Join The RnR English Family βœ…

Registration for the RnR English Family is now closed, but if you click the link below, you can join the waiting list and receive my favourite episode of the 600 for free!