FREE Resources


I have created some resources that you can download for FREE - enjoy!


CV Template

A template of a CV in the English format (we don't use the Europass format). Complete every section following the instructions with your personal details. The document is in Microsoft Word format, so you can modify it as soon as you download it.


Profile Examples

More than 85% of recruiters want a presentation at the beginning of your CV where you summarise the most important points of your career. Here I have made some examples of well-written profiles in different fields of work for you to use / copy / get some ideas - as you prefer.


List of Action Verbs

Every sentence on a CV needs to start with an Action Verb. I'm sure you know many verbs already, but here is a list to help you and it will also help you remember other things you can put on your CV.


Irregular Verb 'Families'

There are many Irregular Verbs in English and there are also many lists of irregular verbs. This list is a little bit different as it puts the verbs into 'verb families'. If you open it, you will understand better. It might be useful to you or it might not be - have a look and see what you think.