Individual Lessons

Martin Johnston - English Teacher

I started teaching English (not very well) in 2010, but luckily I've got a bit better at it over the years

I am now a qualified English teacher (for adults and Young Learners), a qualified IELTS trainer, a qualified Language Coach, a qualified Online Trainer. The message from this: I am qualified to teach English

I have taught thousands of students and have helped them reach their language goals.

I have prepared students for Cambridge Exams and I am specialised in preparing students for IELTS.


Just to show you that I'm not lying, here are some of my qualifications... 😅

My most important certificate, the CELTA (Certificate English To Speakers of Other Languages)... I can't find! But believe me I have it... as soon as I find it, I'll put it on here! 

I have also given many seminars at universities, schools and teacher training days....

Picasso and English Teaching

There is a famous story about Picasso that I like, it goes like this:


Picasso was sitting in a café in Paris and a woman asked him to draw her a picture. Picasso drew the picture in 40 seconds and gave it to the woman.


"It's amazing!" she said, "how much do I have to pay you?"

"$5,000" Picasso replied.



"$5.000?!" the woman said in shock "it only took you 40 seconds!"


"No Madame, it took me 40 years of experience to draw it, my experience is the reason I have this quality"


This is the reason why, when I started teaching in 2010 and I had no idea what I was doing, I asked for €10 for a 1 hour individual lesson. However, now with all the experience and qualifications I have, the quality of the lessons is a bit different! So for this reason, I now ask for €40 for a 1 hour individual lesson.

If you would like to do a lesson with me, please email me at with the subject 'individual lessons' and we can agree a date and a time to do the lesson online.