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August 6, 2020
206 – Things That Go Wrong At Weddings 😬
August 10, 2020
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PT TJ’s Wedding

It started with a lovely ceremony…

And things were very formal at the start…


Then there were 4 hours of free beers, followed by having to down a drink after losing a bet (you can see how much PT TJ is enjoying it!)


Another ‘conversation’ with the father of Mrs PT TJ (just say ‘yes’ and move your head up and down… that’s a conversation)

The first dance then happened…. (which does actually look quite good now I’m looking at these pictures!)

Then things started to go downhill…

But they got worse…

And then they got really bad…

But luckily a couple of friends kept me company!

Then I went to bed and had a 24 hour journey to get home after taking taxis, trains, buses, planes and doing a tour of Europe in the process!

I'm Martin. I'm an English Teacher. That's about as interesting as it gets.

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