June 27, 2017

How is Jose Mourinho’s English?

Jose Mourinho once called himself 'The Special One', but how special is his English? In this article he is assessed using the IELTS criteria, does he know RnR grammar like the Present Perfect Continuous? Does he know RnR vocabulary like Phrasal Verbs? Let's have a look! ?
June 25, 2017

Episode 42 – BEATLEMANIA!

The Beatles + RnR English = MEGA EPISODE! Listen to Dan the Man and I talk about WHY The Beatles were (are) so popular and some RANDON facts - PLUS there is talk about Jesus ?, Michael Jackson eating BURGERS ?, WETTING the bed ?️, some sexy 3rd conditional ? and lots and LOTS of RnR vocabulary - ROCK ON! ???
June 22, 2017

Episode 41 – Summer Summer SUMMERTIME!

It's SUMMER ? and Dan the Man is even getting a TAN ? (even if his skin is like mozzerella!). Find out other CRAZY facts about summer in today's show with talk about WATERMELONS ?, YOBS that drink BEERS ?, how to KILL a mosquitoe ?️ and lots and LOTS of RnR vocabulary! Just keeeeeep on ROCKIN' baby - ooooHHH YEEEEAAA! ???
June 18, 2017

Episode 40 – Do you want to be FAMOUS?

Do you want to be famous?! ? We look at some PROS ✔️ and CONS ✖️ of being famous... PLUS talk about LL Cool J's DEGREE ?, Dan the Man refusing to buy an old lady CHEESE ?, Mamas that PUNCH ? and LOTS of RnR vocab - just keep CALM and keep on ROCKin' baby! ???