May 8, 2017

Episode 28 – Pull your SOCKS up!

It's International Wear No Socks Day today! ? To celebrate, listen to me talk about socks ? Yes, that's right... BUT there are some interesting facts about feet ?, wearing a tiger on your feet ? and lots of RnR vocabulary such as TOLD OFF, THROUGH THE ROOF and lots more - keeeeep on ROCKin'! ?
May 3, 2017

Episode 27 – Drinking is good for you!

Find out HOW drinking can be good for you in today's show ??? PLUS stories about Dan driving me to HOSPITAL ?, JUMPING out of windows ?, sleeping OUTSIDE ? and lots of RnR vocabulary and grammar - BOOM shake the ROOM! ??
May 1, 2017

Episode 26 – International Workers’ Day!

In this episode, you will probably learn NOTHING about International Workers' Day ?, but you WILL hear some great work related stories ? that involve sh!tting in the street ?, SLEEPING in the toilet ?, getting SOAKED on a paper-round ?️, lots of RnR vocab plus Dan the Man has some important news - sounds GOOOOOOD! ? ?
April 27, 2017

Episode 25 – How to be more positive in life

Some useful information (especially for Dan the Man) about how to be MORE positive in life. Talk (and music) of DJs saving lives ?, friendly neighbours ? and RnR vocab such as DON'T MAKE A MOUNTAIN OUT OF A MOLEHILL... PLUS some THIRD conditional and future perfect RnR grammar - ooooh SEXY! ???