August 31, 2017

Episode 56 – ‘La Dolce Vita’ in Italy with John Peter Sloan 🇮🇹

'La Dolce Vita' ('The Sweet Life') in Italy is ?, but what would be STRANGE for English people living in Italy? ? Find out in today's show where I am joined by John Peter Sloan to discuss exactly that! ? We discuss KETCHUP and PASTA ?, BREAKING BALLS ?, CRAZY driving ?️ and much more! So just keep CALM and keep on ROCKIN'! ???
August 28, 2017

Episode 55 – A Quick Catch Up… ?️

In today's episode we speak about... NOTHING! ? Just a quick CATCH UP between 2 friends, what does that mean? ? Find out in the show! ? PLUS... there is talk of CAMPING ?️, BUMPING INTO sisters ?, PUNCHES ? and lots and LOTS of RnR vocbaulary - just keeeeeeep on ROCKIN' baby! ???
August 21, 2017

Episode 54 – Fast as Lightning! ⚡?

Happy Birthday Usian Bolt! We use this as an excuse to talk about RUNNING  PLUS talk of KILLING Robbie Williams , Kung Fu Fighting  the video that EVERYONE is talking about in the UK , some SERIOUS RnR Grammar and some SERIOUS RnR vocabulary ...keep on ROCKIN' baby! 
August 14, 2017

Episode 53 – 10 Things you DIDN’T know about London ??

Hmmmm... it's a good question ✏️?️ Find out the answer in today's show and also HOW to give a great s SPEECH! PLUS... talk of people ON FIRE ?, HOLY water ✝️, SEX during podcasts ? and Dan the Man has some news ?! Some sexy idioms and some SERIOUS RnR vocabulary......ooOOOHHH YYEEEEAAAA! ???