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May 18, 2019
E150 – Super Siblings
May 20, 2019
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E150 – Super Siblings

LISTEN to the podcast. READ the RnR Grammar. LEARN the vocab and…. ROCK ON!

It’s International Brothers’ Day on 24th May so we speak about brothers, sisters, embarrassing family stories that involve Mike and Dave, finding women (or trying to) and lots more! 👊

The RnR vocab that you will learn in today’s show:

  • The banter is good
  • Really down to earth people
  • Let’s rejoice that one (Dan the Man day)
  • We’ve got some stuff about siblings
  • It’s too much of a mouthful
  • You’ve got time to imagine me on dodgy websites
  • That’s exactly what I’m getting at
  • Come over to me and chat me up
  • Well you know, I don’t want to blow my own trumpet
  • I’m definitely in here
  • I was just trying to play it cool
  • Do you ever go on the piss with your sister
  • I want to pull some birds
  • He’s cleaned up his act now
  • You can get away with it if you’re not in the country
  • Well her and my mum gang up on me sometimes
  • Unless he cuts me loose

RnR Grammar

In today’s podcast Dan the Man said:

“I think that might have been the story, mightn’t it?”

Tail question with ‘might’…. BOOM! That is some SERIOUS sexy grammar!

P.S. Sometimes I just like to highlight these things for you so you’re aware that they happen 😉

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