E134 – What We Think About BREXIT

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March 2, 2019
E134 – What We Think About BREXIT
March 4, 2019
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E134 – What We Think About BREXIT

LISTEN to the podcast. READ the RnR Grammar. LEARN the vocab and…. ROCK ON!

If you worried about Brexit, don’t be… as Dan the Man says everything will be FINE! 😅 He tells us why as we speak all things BREXIT but there is some SERIOUS RnR vocab in the process – just keeeeeep on ROCKin’ people! 👊

The RnR vocab that you will learn in today’s show:

  • Very interesting topic, very topical
  • I don’t what to blow my own trumpet, let the listeners decide!
  • Martin, although sometimes you are an absolute jerk
  • There we go, the penny’s dropped!
  • I want you to be a fugitive from the police!
  • All the parties are trying to get the upper hand
  • He is an utter prick Boris Johnson
  • Nigel Farage is a scumbag!
  • I think you’re clutching at straws!
  • I haven’t really thought it through
  • No-one even looks at you let alone call you anything
  • We were in the EU and we didn’t have the currency
  • An area of Devon gets an enormous subsidy
  • The Iceland defeat really compounded it
  • If it doesn’t happen, we are going to be the laughing stock of the world!
  • Sanity has prevailed

RnR Grammar

In today’s show, I said:

“I’ll look after you Dan, I’ve been doing it for 30 years now”

That is some SERIOUS Present Perfect Continuous there! Remember, we use this for when the action STARTS in the PAST and is STILL IN PROGRESS!

BUT…. there are times when we can use the Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous, ESPECIALLY for the verbs LIVE and WORK.

I’ve lived here for 5 years -> I’ve been living here for 5 years

BOTH are correct!

It’s a RARE case that we can use both though, the GENERAL difference is that we use the Present Perfect SIMPLE for QUANTITIES (like “I’ve been to London 5 times”) and we use Present Perfect Continuous for TIME (like “I’ve been studying English for 5 years”) – BOOM! 👊

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